47+ Exciting Pedicure Ideas to Shake Things Up

47+ Exciting Pedicure Ideas to Shake Things Up

Looking for new pedicure ideas is a fun way to get ready for spring. Take a look at some of the best pedicure designs we’ve seen and get inspiration for your own beautiful designs. Going through these designs, you’ll find an attractive mix of hand-painted nail art, glitter, chrome, ombré, and sequins. These designs have something for everyone, from people who just want a classic coat of polish to ambitious nail artists who are looking to impress everyone with their skills. Take this article to the salon with you and help your favorite manicurist design a new look just for you.

Most women feel like their feet are underdressed if they go out with open-toed shoes and no polish. This is one reason why pedicures are so popular. In the salon, pedicures involve relaxing pampering, like foot baths and massages. Home pedicures can be just as elaborate if the wearer is looking to treat herself. People love the look of painted toenails. They can be painted to go with an outfit or to make a splash with eye-catching designs. They are an area where any woman can truly express herself.

For an awesome at-home pedicure, you will first need to prepare the toenails. Make sure they are trimmed perfectly and free of any other polish. It’s also a good idea to take care of any callouses or other blemishes on your feet so you have a perfect canvas on which to show off your nail art. Different types of nail art require different preparation. First, practice doing perfect coats of plain polish. It takes some patience to get these right, even though they look very simple. Then practice with glitter polish. Glitter is a fun look, but be aware that it takes some extra effort to remove.

Next, try some simple nail art designs. Paint a solid background and then try adding flowers, polka dots, or hearts. You can use superfine paintbrushes or a toothpick to apply the polish. If you want straight lines in your design, use tape to mask your cute nails. Trial and error is the best way to learn.


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