30+ Cute Pumpkin Nails For The Perfect Fall Mani!

30+ Cute Pumpkin Nails For The Perfect Fall Mani!

Are you looking for some amazing Pumpkin nails for the new season?  If so, you’ve come to the right post!

Fall is here which makes it the perfect time to get some inspiration for the new season!  There are so many different pumpkin designs out there to choose from, no matter how intricate you want to go!

Thanksgiving Season
Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays!  With all of the fall colours, the pumpkins and the amazing rich food, there is so much to love about this time of year!  With that said, getting a festive mani is a must in November!  There are so many cute designs out there to choose from including pumpkins!  That’s why we wanted to round up our favourite designs below.

Whether I’m going to a salon or doing them myself, it’s so fun to get inspiration!  That’s why I wanted to put together a collection of my favourite pumpkin designs, so you can figure out what style you want to try!  Below you will find everything from pink pumpkins to matte pumpkins and everything in between.

A lot of these looks can easily be recreated at home!  If you’re wanting to try out a matte look, I recommend getting this matte nail polish:

Matte About You Polish

To be able to hand draw on pumpkins, we recommend these nail art brushes.  They are incredibly fine, and help draw out really intricate details:


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