50 Incredibly Gorgeous Pink French Tip Nails to Experiment With!

50 Incredibly Gorgeous Pink French Tip Nails to Experiment With!

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This post is about pretty, eye-catching pink french tip nails that give a light and bubbly twist to the classic nail design…

French tip nails have been this classic style of nails that we’ve all genuinely loved for so many years. And it’s crazy to think about how many new nail designs and trends have come around over the years but the classic french manicure hasn’t gone out of fashion. It’s just that nail design that will never disappoint you, you know. It’s like a comfort manicure, always there for you when you need it, always there to give you a classic, elegant and cute manicure.

Lately we’ve all seen how crazy the nail space has gotten, nowadays you can do acrylic or gel or whatever is in between and there are creative nail techs out there creating the most insane nail designs and nail trends. It’s crazy and a little overwhelming how much you can do with a simple manicure. The limit is literally your imagination…

Anyways, it’s only natural that even the classic french tip nail design would evolve. There are so many ways you can put a spin on the classic style now, you can do a french fade, a french outline or even a reverse french… There literally are so many ways you can mix it up, even more than the ones I just mentioned!

So great way that you can put a spin on the classic white french tip manicure is by using different colors for your nail tips, not just white. It’s such an easy, fun and creative way to change up the classic french tips. This post is all about pink french tips. Pink is such a bubbly and fun color and when you switch out the white for pink in your french manicures, you get such fun and bubbly results!

Pink French Tip Nails (Cute Designs and Ideas!)
1. Bubblegum Pink French Nails

instagram: @gloss.beautystudio
2. Pink French Manicure with a Milky Pink Base

instagram: @nail_clab_nsk
3. Pink French Fade Manicure

instagram: @gloss.beautystudio
4. Pink Gradient French Tip Nails

instagram: @nailsbyg____
5. Swirly Pink French Nails with Yellow Outline

instagram: @thenaillologist
6. Bright Pink French Ombre Nails

instagram: @rinesanailart
7. Light Pink Coffin French Nails

instagram: @nailed_up94
8. Long Almond Pink Gradient Nails

instagram: @transformation.beautystudio
9. Pale Pink French Tips with Dark Base

instagram: @vivensz_nails
10. Pink Gradient French Tips with Pearls

instagram: @gelsbybry
11. Gradient Pink French Nails with Outlines

instagram: @phoebesummernails
12. Gradient Pink Nails with Starburst Design

instagram: @phoebesummernails
13. Bright Pink French Tip Outline Nails

instagram: @kcnailsx
14. Pink French Ombre Manicure

instagram: @rrilinails
15. Pink Gradient Side French Tips


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