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20+ Exquisite Vacation Nails for 2023

Whether you’re jet-setting to a tropical paradise, exploring a bustling city, or simply enjoying a quiet staycation, your nails can play a pivotal role in setting your vacation mood. As 2023 brings in fresh styles and colors, let’s dive into the most exquisite vacation nail trends:

  1. Tropical Themes:
    • Palm Fronds: Delicate green palm leaves on a nude or pastel background scream tropical vibes.
    • Sunset Gradient: Capture the essence of a beach sunset with oranges, purples, pinks, and blues in a gradient.
  2. Nautical and Marine:
    • Marine Blue and Gold: A deep blue paired with gold accents or stripes can echo the luxury of a yacht.
    • Beachy Vibes: Think sand-colored nails with tiny starfish or seashell accents.
  3. Bright and Bold:
    • Neon Shades: Neon green, pink, yellow, and blue are vibrant and perfect for a lively summer vacation.
    • Electric Coral: A blend of orange and pink, this shade stands out and pairs wonderfully with tanned skin.
  4. Nature-inspired:
    • Floral Accents: Soft pastels with delicate floral designs can fit both tropical and city vacations.
    • Mountain and Sky: For those heading to cooler climates, soft blues, whites, and grays mimicking mountains and skies can be ethereal.
  5. Minimalistic Chic:
    • Nude and Neutral: Perfect for any destination and easy to match with any outfit.
    • Negative Space Art: Use your natural nail color as a part of the design, creating minimalist geometric shapes or patterns.
  6. Metallic and Chrome:
    • Mirror Nails: Reflective chrome nails are still in vogue and add a touch of glamour to any look.
    • Golden Tints: Gold accents or full gold nails are luxurious and versatile for various vacation outfits.
  7. Travel Symbols:
    • World Map: For the true globetrotter, a delicate world map painted on one or two accent nails is perfect.
    • Airplane Trails: A simple, clean design with tiny planes and their trailing lines, preferably on a sky-blue base.
  8. Sparkle and Glitter:
    • Cosmic Sparkle: Think of a night sky full of stars on your nails.
    • Aqua Glitter: Blue-green sparkles mimic the shimmering ocean waters.
  9. 3D Accents:
    • Rhinestone Waves: Blue nails with rhinestones can resemble sparkling waves.
    • Sandy Texture: A sandy texture on the nails using special nail sand or fine grain glitter in beige or soft brown.
  10. Mix and Match:
    • Vacation Patchwork: Every nail tells a story, from palm trees to waves, suns to cocktails – each nail with a different design.


  • Durability: If you’re planning activities like swimming or hiking, consider a gel or acrylic manicure for added durability.
  • Aftercare: Always apply sunscreen after your nail polish or gel has completely dried to avoid smudging. Remember, some nail treatments can become soft or peel with the application of alcohol-based products, like hand sanitizers.
  • Coordinate with Outfits: Think about your vacation wardrobe and choose colors and designs that will complement most of your outfits.

Whatever design or color you choose, remember to capture the essence of relaxation and adventure that vacations bring. And of course, don’t forget to snap a pic of your nails holding a cocktail or touching the sand for the ‘gram! Safe travels!


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