39 Pink and Blue Nails For A Cute Manicure 💅❣️【The Best of 2023】

39 Pink and Blue Nails For A Cute Manicure 💅❣️【The Best of 2023】

“Blue is for boys, and pink is for girls.”

This was part of the culture we’ve all probably grown up in. That’s why the two classic colors are known to clash.

But opposites attract, and we find that pink and blue nails can be worn together in one beautiful manicure.

And this manicure isn’t just pretty. It’s also versatile.

Pink and blue nails can be worn in many ways, from solid colors to extravagant nail designs.

Plus, there are different shades of pink and blue that you can use for your polish, and these have various finishes too.

So whatever your style preference is, you can absolutely personalize pink and blue nails.

That said, go ahead and look at our list of the best pink and blue manicure ideas to give your hands a gorgeous, youthful vibe.

Nail Polish Finish for Pink and Blue Nails

While there are different manicure styles, there are also several nail polish finishes.

Say you wanted something muted for your nails. You may opt for a matte or satin polish rather than chrome because the latter is too shiny.

Knowing the difference between the nail polish finishes can give you a better idea of what to use for your pink and blue nails.

We’re here to give you a quick look at those finishes.

Creme This is the most common nail polish finish. It has a solid and opaque color with a glossy finish.
Matte It is a smooth, solid finish without any shine.
Satin This finish is similar to matte but with a bit of luster, but it isn’t as shiny as creme.
Metallic This is as shiny as metals and usually comes in gold, silver, bronze, or copper shades.
Chrome It’s similar to metallic but way shinier and more reflective.
Sheer Usually nude or tinted with a bit of pink, this finish gives an almost translucent gloss. It’s perfect for a French manicure.
Jelly This is also translucent but has bright, wet-looking colors.
Glitter This finish is filled with sparkly glitter particles. It can have a clear or solid base.
Holographic It’s a light-reflective finish that gives a rainbow effect when hit by light.
Textured This creates a 3D effect using sparkles or a grainy texture that you can actually touch.

Because pink and blue nails are versatile, they can work well with any of the types of finishes we’ve mentioned.

39 Pink and Blue Nail Designs

Here are some of the best pink and blue nail ideas that you can consider for your next manicure.

They are perfect for any nail shape and can be worn by all ages.

These looks can also be achieved on natural or fake nails. All it takes is a visit to the nail salon or your creativity at home.


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