61 Box Braided Hairstyles Ideas – Latest Trends 2023

61 Box Braided Hairstyles Ideas – Latest Trends 2023

Box braids are a timeless and protective hairstyle, beloved for their versatility, low maintenance, and ability to promote hair growth. As with all hairstyles, trends evolve over time. Let’s explore the latest trends for box braided hairstyles in 2023:

  1. Bob-Length Box Braids: This is a chic, edgier take on traditional long braids. A bob cut adds sophistication and is a refreshing style for warmer seasons.
  2. Knotless Box Braids: A recent trend that offers a more natural hairline and reduced tension at the roots. Knotless braids blend seamlessly into your hair, giving it a more fluid appearance.
  3. Colorful Braids: While natural hair colors remain popular, bold colors like pastel pinks, blues, and even ombre effects are on the rise. Mixing natural colors with strands of bold colors can also create a stunning contrast.
  4. Braided Updos: Think braided crowns, high buns, or intricate pinned designs. Perfect for formal occasions or when you want to switch up your look.
  5. Thin Box Braids: Micro or thin box braids offer a more delicate and refined look. While they take longer to install, they can offer a fuller look with more styling possibilities.
  6. Curly Box Braid Ends: Instead of the typical straight ends, leaving the ends of the braids curly provides a fun, feminine twist.
  7. Beaded Box Braids: Incorporating beads, especially wooden or metallic ones, adds a touch of boho flair. Beads can be placed at the end of braids or scattered throughout.
  8. Half-up, Half-down: A timeless style where half of the braids are tied up into a bun or ponytail while the rest cascade down.
  9. Side-Swept Braids: Braids are draped to one side, either loose or in a low ponytail, giving a romantic and elegant appearance.
  10. Braids with Loose Ends: Not all the hair is braided; some are left loose at the ends for a mixed-texture look.
  11. Jumbo Box Braids: Larger and chunkier than traditional box braids, these are quicker to install and give a bold, statement look.
  12. Layered Box Braids: Different lengths of braids are layered to give depth and volume, often combined with curls or waves.
  13. Braids with Undercuts: For the bold at heart, pairing box braids with shaved sides or an undercut makes a strong style statement.
  14. Braids with Accessories: Besides beads, incorporating golden cuffs, strings, ribbons, or shells adds personality and flair to the hairstyle.
  15. Zig-zag Parts: Instead of the traditional straight parts, zig-zag or curvy parts can add an element of surprise and detail to the style.


  • Maintenance: Even though box braids are low maintenance, it’s important to keep the scalp clean and moisturized. Using a braid spray or light oil can help.
  • Protect Your Edges: Ensure the braids aren’t too tight, especially around the hairline, to prevent hair breakage.
  • Change it Up: To keep your hair healthy, consider giving it a break between braid installations.

Box braids are as much about self-expression as they are about protection. It’s always recommended to seek a professional braider to ensure the health of your hair and to achieve the desired look.


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