34 Beautiful Ankara Long Gown Styles You Should Try Out.

34 Beautiful Ankara Long Gown Styles You Should Try Out.

Ankara long gowns are a wardrobe staple for those who appreciate vibrant prints and elegant silhouettes. They beautifully blend traditional African cultural aesthetics with modern fashion trends. Here’s a list of 30 beautiful Ankara long gown styles that are a must-try:

Classic and Elegant

  1. A-Line Ankara Gown: Flatters all body types with a fitted top that flares out from the waist.
  2. Mermaid Ankara Gown: Fitted from the chest to the knee and flares out at the hem.
  3. Straight-Cut Maxi: Simple yet chic, perfect for a clean, elongated look.
  4. Off-Shoulder Gown: Showcases the shoulders with a romantic flair.
  5. V-Neck Wrap Gown: A classic wrap dress with a deep V-neck for a touch of sophistication.

Modern and Chic

  1. High-Slit Ankara Gown: Adds a bit of daring allure to the traditional long gown.
  2. One-Shoulder Gown: Contemporary and stylish, focusing on asymmetry.
  3. Tiered Ankara Gown: Layers of Ankara fabric for a voluminous effect.
  4. Peplum Waist Gown: A flirty addition that accentuates the waist.
  5. Cut-Out Gown: Strategically placed cut-outs for a modern twist.

Bold and Dramatic

  1. Cape Gown: Incorporates a flowing cape for a touch of drama.
  2. Ankara Gown with Train: A sweeping train for a red carpet-ready look.
  3. Bishop Sleeve Gown: Features large, flowing sleeves for a regal feel.
  4. Ruffled Gown: Ruffles added to sleeves, hem, or bodice for a dramatic effect.
  5. Puff Sleeve Gown: Puffy sleeves add a vintage yet fashionable touch.

Flirty and Fun

  1. Halter Neck Gown: Highlights the arms and adds a playful touch.
  2. Cold Shoulder Gown: Combines elegance with a hint of allure.
  3. Layered Asymmetrical Gown: Different lengths for a unique, modern look.
  4. Thigh-High Slit Gown: For a flirty glimpse of leg with every step.
  5. Fit and Flare Gown: Fitted at the waist and flares at the bottom for a feminine silhouette.

Traditional with a Twist

  1. Bubu Gown: An airy, loose-fitting gown that’s both comfortable and stylish.
  2. Kaftan Style Gown: Perfect for a relaxed yet elegant appearance.
  3. Ankara Gown with Kente Accents: Combines Ankara with Kente strips for cultural fusion.
  4. Ankara and Lace Mixed Gown: Lace details add a delicate touch to vibrant Ankara.
  5. Ankara Gown with Chiffon Sleeves: Sheer sleeves for a subtle, romantic touch.

Detailed and Decorative

  1. Ankara Gown with Beading: Intricate beadwork for added luxury.
  2. Embroidered Ankara Gown: Features detailed embroidery for a handcrafted feel.
  3. Ankara Gown with Sequins: Sequins add a sparkling, festive touch.
  4. Panel Gown: Different Ankara patterns paneled together for a unique look.
  5. Collared Shirt Gown: A formal and preppy spin on the Ankara gown.

These Ankara long gown styles celebrate the diversity and creativity of African fashion. The fabrics’ bold colors and patterns, paired with the gowns’ varied designs, can cater to different tastes, occasions, and body types. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a formal event, or simply want to make a statement in your day-to-day life, these Ankara gowns offer a style that combines traditional beauty with contemporary flair.


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