105 More Trendy Ghana Weaving Hairstyles for Cute Girls

105 More Trendy Ghana Weaving Hairstyles for Cute Girls

Ghana weaving, also known as banana braids or cornrows, is an African style of hair braiding that has gained significant popularity worldwide. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in its versatility, protective nature, and the cultural essence it carries. For cute girls, Ghana weaving can be styled in numerous ways, making it perfect for school, play, and special occasions. Below, we’ll walk you through some of the trendiest Ghana weaving hairstyles that every young fashionista will love.

1. Classic Straight-Back Ghana Braids:

A timeless style, these straight-back braids are elegant and neat. It’s the perfect beginner-friendly style and can be jazzed up with hair accessories or beads.

2. Zig-Zag Parted Cornrows:

Instead of the traditional straight parts, opt for zig-zag patterns. It adds a playful twist to the hairstyle, making it fun and unique.

3. Half Cornrows, Half Afro:

Combine the neatness of Ghana braids at the top with the freedom of a natural afro at the back. It’s a style that screams confidence and lets her flaunt her natural curls.

4. Ponytail Ghana Braids:

Weave the braids into a high ponytail. Not only does it keep the hair off the face, but it also gives a young and refreshing vibe. Perfect for sports days or summer outings!

5. Ghana Braids with Color Extensions:

Add some colored extensions to the braids. It could be her favorite color or even multiple colors for a rainbow effect. It’s a fun way to express personality and stand out.

6. Side-Swept Ghana Braids:

Instead of the usual straight-back style, direct the braids to one side of the head, culminating in a side-swept look. It’s a touch of modern to the classic style.

7. Ghana Braids with Curly Ends:

Instead of braiding all the way down, leave the ends and curl them. The curly ends add a soft, playful finish to the hairstyle.

8. Adorned Ghana Braids:

Integrate beads, hair rings, or cowrie shells at the ends of the braids or sporadically throughout. It adds an element of cultural pride and beauty to the hairstyle.

9. Ghana Braids into Buns:

Turn the braids into one or two buns on the head. It’s chic, keeps the hair away from the face, and is perfect for warmer weather.

10. Short Ghana Braids:

Who said Ghana braids need to be long? Short braids are equally stylish and can be a quicker and lighter option for those not wanting lengthy tresses.


Ghana weaving hairstyles are a beautiful blend of fashion, culture, and art. Whether she’s heading to school, attending a special occasion, or just playing with friends, there’s a Ghana braids style perfect for the moment. Embrace the beauty and versatility of these hairstyles, and let the little ones shine in their unique, trendy looks!


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