A Wonderful Decoration Idea for Christmas: Chess Board Twisted Christmas Balls

With just two colored papers you can make these beautiful braided balls! Are not that decorations perfect for Christmas decorating?

You can choose to use the traditional colors of Christmas when preparing these cute balls. However, you know that, you are free in color and you want to prepare this decoration for your children’s parties, you can also prepare this with more vibrant colors.

Materials you will need to prepare this ball:

-Thick paper in white and red colors – or any other color you want – 120g to 180g



-Yarn and needle


You can watch, how to make, the following video:  

The most important thing to note when preparing the ball is that you have to knit the two colors one after the other in a vertical position where they are cut from each other. In this way you can reveal the effect of the chessboard.


Follow these steps to prepare this ball:

1 – Prepare 1-12 strip white paper, 12 strip red paper, 3 round cut white paper, and 3 round cut red paper.

2 – Apply adhesive to one of the white circle and stick the ends of the 12 strip white paper along the circle. When done, paste the other white one on top.

3-Repeat step 2 for the red color.

4-Thread the center of the two needles, place a bead, place the yarn in the center of the circles and combine with the other beads. This will lock the center of the two molds and prevent them from slipping.

5 – Put 1 strip of each 4 strips of red paper on white paper and apply this with 12 strips until all the strips are wrapped.

6- Place one sheet of white paper on 3 strips of red paper and continue to do the same for all 12 strips until all the whites come up.

7-Now apply the application described in the previous step for red stripes.

8-As the process is completed, the paper will start to bend and a three-dimensional appearance will occur. Attach the ends of the strips so you can guarantee that they will not dislocate.

9 – Remove the clips and complete the application in parallel position.

10- Go to the next stripe and allow the paper to bind the strips as shown along the ends.

11-Repeat until the tie is at the top.

12-Pass the thread and needle through the center of a red circle and fasten it with a bead and stick the circle and the beads together.

That is all. Now you have your three-dimensional and colorful design that you can use as a decor on Christmas or your child’s birthday party.

At first glance, although it seems like a complicated process, you will notice that you can make perfect designs after a few attempts.

It is also important to note that you can also prepare these balls in smaller sizes, which we have described according to the standard paper size a4. However, if you want to make a ball in larger sizes, you will have to make the thickness of the paper thicker.


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