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With These Wonderful Christmas Socks, You Will Provide A Wonderful Touch To Your Home Decor

Christmas is approaching, and nothing can make children as happy as Christmas presents. Would you like to make socks for hanging on Christmas once you find fit in your home? In this writing, we will show you interesting socks models to surprise both your children and to prepare a Christmas sock for your house’s Christmas decor.

 Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking by Yarnspirations.

The first thing we want to mention in our article is the socks weaving green and red, and the snowman motif on them. As you can use classic red green colors in this stocking, I would like to mention that you can use both blue and white in a harmonious way. Or you can use the green pine tree motif, which represents Christmas instead of the snowman. For all these motifs and more, it is possible to get inspiration from photos or find different models by searching on Google.

 Skinny Christmas Stocking by Emily Bittel

Another model is a sock made from pure white. In this way you can prepare a Christmas stocking with a weave that will remind you of the cone motif.

Or you can knit a wool sock in red and white colors more often.

Moss Stitch Christmas Stocking by Heather Boyer


If you want to bring a third color next to red and green color, this color will undoubtedly be white. You can create a nice motif with one or two-line braids horizontally. Or you can apply the red and green colors around a large mesh as shown in the picture. Note that the ends, the top and the toe are knitted with the same color to achieve a harmonious design.

Christmas Carol’s Stocking by Sweet Potato Crochet Creations

If you find green and reddish dark and boring, you can add a brighter sock by adding gray colors to the whiteness weight. In fact, as we always remember, everything depends entirely on your taste.

Holly & Berry Stockings by Michelle Maks

If you are squeezed from straight lines in knitting all these handmade socks, you can also choose wavy forms. In this way you will have created a more eye-catching sock design.

Stripped Christmas Stockings by Belle Noelle

Another Christmas sock design idea is a design that will delight both lovers of simple designs and those who want to use different colors. You can make a nice design that is simple and unusual by adding different colors to the upper part of your sock or your tips and heels that you are wearing with white as the main color. Or you can make a design from both wavy and different colors in the main parts while using the straight white in the heel and tip by applying the exact opposite.

Zigzag Stocking by Linda Cyr

We had touched the world of colors in our previous writings. For this reason, you may want to add many different colors to your design that you see fit. If you are indecisive, you can always consult your friends or your children and friends who you trust.

Cable Crochet Stocking by Mary Jane Protus

You may want to use different sizes in sock size when you consider that you will keep the gift in these Christmas socks different from the daily socks. It is important that you make a good planning before you decide on a Christmas sock.

 Jolly Holiday Stocking by Janaya Chouinard

Super Bulky Cross Stitch Stockings by Yarnspirations



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