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  Transform the Exterior Side of Your House, Inspire for Your Design

Everyone loves change and what about starting it from the exterior design of your house? It is the most asked and desired to change subject in home decoration. Especially in ranch style, people easily can get bored and they do not want to see their house in ranch style anymore. So, what can you do? There are many inspirational ideas to change the look your house. If you have enough time and technical knowledge even you can make the transformation of exterior home design. In order to obtain more professional results, you can consult and hire an architect or a technician.

  1. Using stones instead of using dye

If you get bored of the color of exterior side, you can try another alternative. Stones can be used for painting your house and it can give to your environment more sophistical look. Also, they are strong material that they are endurable against rain and other environmental phenomena. While using stones, try to use more lights in exterior design of house.

  1. Add extra parts in front of windows

For houses which they have big sizes of area in front of them, you can add extra parts. Place the extra parts in front of some windows in first floor. You will gain new areas inside the house and the exterior design of your house will be better.

3.Take advantage of white color

White color is a great choice for painting your house. White color houses are definitely look bigger than it and fresher. You can pain the exterior part of your house completely except the roof parts. White color must be in consideration for make-up design of homes.

  1. Add stairs

Maybe the first floor of stairs starts from inside part of your home. What about changing its position? You can extend the stairs to outside. It looks very good in the exterior design of homes. Do not forget the design of stairs also must be according to outdoor conditions.

5.Garden make-over

A garden make-over can change complete face of your house. Big trees and herbs can be seeming as better but actually it is not a good idea for the exterior design of your house. Want help from a professional and reorganize your garden. You will surprise after you see the difference.

  1. Add columns

Extend the area in front of your house with the help of columns. It will give you extra space and more classical look. For that make-over, you absolutely need a professional like an architect, a technician or a civil engineer due to changing plans of the roof.

  1. Balconies

If you have standard ranch style house, then add balconies onto the second floor of your house. Balcony also give to you a relaxing area that you want to use it. If you think that you do not have to enough area for that, you can think top of your garage. Instead of using roof on it, have a balcony that can give to you free space.

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