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The Most Important Rules for Giving a Decollete

Wearing decollete clothes is something that every woman likes. Of course, every decollete has an environment and body type to wear. Now we will tell you the rules of giving a cleavage.

-V-neck dresses are not recommended for women with small breasts because they make your breasts look smaller. Women with large breasts can use decollete starting from the shoulders.
-If you like a part of your body and want to highlight it, you can use it as a decollete. For example, if you think your breasts are small, then you can give decollete to another part of your body.
-There’s a difference between looking sexy and looking simple. You need to fine-tune this line.
-It is very important where you will wear which decollete size. There is a big difference between a daytime date and an evening date in terms of decollete.



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