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Candle flame… maybe the first thing that attracts the attention in this romantic picture. The flame is not sufficient to lighten its environment, but it is enough to generate shadow of the big pitcher granit behind it. A green plant was put into this narrow spouted pitcher and tied elegantly with a rope. Leaves reach to old canisters which is placed onto a wooden chest. They are in different sizes and designed for different purposes.

For instance, the little one is designed to put tea in it, and the large one with a soldier on it is designed for biscuits. The canisters seem ancient, however the figures on them indicate that they remained from the second world war period. Actually the canisters bring to mind historic and dramatic stories. We can say that they bore witness to a lot of occasion, and now they continue to witness different events. In this case, their jobs are not to carry something anymore, they are just decorative objects. This situation is also valid for the pitcher granit.

In the past, its function was to carry water, but now it was used as a vase. If we consider this objects for the life of a person, we can associate this objects with a retired individual. When a person retired from a job, s/he is interested in distinct works from her/his profession. So, these pitcher and canisters were retired and took a back seat. In this aspect, the picture evokes the silence and peace and green leaves bring joy to the surrounding. On the other hand, domination of the brown color reminds autumn and sadness. In fact, all stuff in the picture are separately common objects, but they create a beautiful art together. It is possible to feel strong”motions looking at the picture.

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