Start to Your Home Design at Door, Different DIY Wreath Projects

Are you obsessed with DIY projects and mostly in interested in home decoration? Then, the one of the most enjoyable DIY project is making wreaths. Wreaths are wonderful home decoration items for both indoor and outdoor areas. Another good thing about wreath is that you can use any material you want and there is no limit for making wreaths. If you are looking for some inspiration, then there are some ideas for door design:

  1. Burlap ribbon wreath

Burlap ribbon paper are good material for craft and DIY projects. You can use them in making wreath them, too. Buy a circular base or make it from wooden or paper. Then, start to use burlap ribbon paper. Wind the burlap ribbon paper around the base up to your desire and shape it. You can obtain classy look wreath.

  1. Fabric-sewing wreath

If you are good at sewing, then you have chance to make fabric-sewing wreath. Use colorful fabric as a base and then add sewing shape part on it. You can sew different shape items separately wreath and after that add into the wreath.

  1. Cork stopper wreath

Cork stopper which you can find at craft markets or at wine shops can be used in making wreath. Just place them induvial in the base. You can paint them or can use any other material to obtain more colorful look.

  1. Wooden wreath

Useless wood parts or old wood parts can be used for more classical wreath. Cut the wood parts in different length and shape. Then glue them into the base. You can use gray dye for stronger structure.

  1. Button wreath

Buttons are materials that are used in almost every DIY projects. So, you can use them in making wreath, too. Buy or find in different shapes and color buttons and use them for making wreath.

  1. Filament wreath

Filament wreath is easiest wreath type that you can make. Find different color filament and wind them around the base randomly. Then, cut the unwanted parts and filament wreath is ready. Making the filament wreath is really simple.

  1. Paper wreath

Buy colorful paper and start to make paper wreath. When you buy them, pay attention that you must choose papers in different textures. It allows to your DIY paper wreath more interesting look. With the help of scissors, cut the papers. Place them around the base and start to glue them. Rest it to dry 15 minutes and then it will be ready to use.

  1. Christmas ball wreath

When Christmas season ends and you do not know how to recycle Christmas ball, you can use them in Christmas ball wreath. Use them in their original color or paint them. Place them on the base unsymmetrically and pay attention to add balls enough. Glue them and spray some tinsel for holiday look.

  1. Tie wreath

It may sound strange but you can even your ties in making wreath. Use old ties and wind them around the base, you will obtain so interesting wreath.

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