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Simple but Effective Ideas For DIY Terrariums

As one of the latest home decoration fashion, terrariums are adorable to have around the house. The best part is the limitation is your imagination! Do you want to create a Hogwarts, go ahead, no one is stopping you!

Second important thing is that it will be all your own creation. To be honest, it needs some patience at first, but when you discover the amazing feeling and start to enjoy the satisfaction of your creation, you will not want to stop. Of course, there are some trick and easy steps to create these beautiful masterpieces.

As you can create these of your own, you can also purchase them. If you love bringing outside life in a miniature style to your home but don’t have too much free time and you have to work always! well, there are a lot of skilled people who create them for you.

Your third option is that there are kits that you can purchase yet still create your own terrarium for starters.

Let’s check some terrarium ideas and see if you can find something you like!

1. Light Bulb Terrarium

As one of my favorite terrarium design, light bulb creates an understanding of the combination of fabricated object and nature. For some reason, it creates a cozy feeling having around them. They are without hesitation on the top of the list. Also, you can click on “source” for the tutorial. Juliette Martin is explaining how she creates this masterpiece in simple steps. Thanks to her, now I have one in my home as well.


2. Wall Garden Terrarium

Another great way to bring outside green to your home is wall garden terrariums. You can hang more than paintings or posters to your walls. You can use this imaginative way to decorate your walls. Is there any other great idea to have a terrarium hanging on the wall. You can both create a painting and green atmosphere on your wall. As the previous post, you can click on “source” for the tutorial. All steps are explained detailed and easily.


3.Terrarium Necklace

How far can you go with your terrarium? well, you can go anywhere if you carry one on your neck! Check this astonishing DIY terrarium necklace tutorial at below stated source link. If you use your imagination, you will create the best and alive necklace! Please do share your creatings with us as well.


4.Table Holder Terrarium


Are you about to get married and still looking for some ideas for table holder for your guests (It can be used as a gift as well.)? Think no more! This is a great way to show people their places. Terrarium Place Holder is authentic and natural. It will go great with any decoration. If you are interested, please see below-stated link for a detailed tutorial. You can find much more or create different designs as well during a tutorial.


5. Miniature Terrarium Garden

Am I the only one around here that feels cozy when sees this! This is the cutest terrarium that can be. You can see how it is made, but we strongly recommend to visit the original site for the tutorial.


I believe we have an idea how the terrarium is created. Let’s check some different and unusual ideas!!!

6. Terrarium in a wood


7. Hanging Wine Bottle Terrarium


8. Terrarium in a Fish Tank


9. Turtle Terrarium

Personally, this is my favorite terrarium so far! Please check the tutorial in below stated “source” link


10. Tea Cup Terrariums

This is the cutest terrarium ever seen. You can find detailed tutorials in the below stated “source” link.


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