Show Thanks and Make Your Friends Happy with This Awesome Thanksgiving Blessing Mix

You can prepare a nice holiday table for your friends and surprise them with these Thanksgiving gifts. If you want to surprise your friends and make them happy, we will tell you how to prepare these beautiful blessing mixes.

Thanksgiving Blessing Mix is ​​a part of our culture. Many readers ask us how to prepare such a design to make it easy to prepare and make your food fun. We also wanted to tell our readers what materials they need for the “Thanksgiving Blessing Mix” and how to prepare them to respond to their wishes.

For our readers who do not know anything about the “Thanksgiving Blessing Mix”, we can say that it is a celebration product created from snack mixes reminding us of the abundance of our nationality.

Thanksgiving Blessing Mixes in a document with a bag filled with thanksgiving and harvest poems will add joy to your Thanksgiving table.

By taking advantage of this article, you can use printable gift labels and ready messages to be attached to your bag.

First let’s list the ingredients for these gifts. These materials are easy to find and prepare. If you do not find one or a few, you can use your own creativity to create your own Thanksgiving Blessing Mix with similar products.

Here are the materials;

  • Various corn snacks
  • 2 glass small pretzels
  • 1 cup of sugar and corn grains
  • 16 pieces of chocolate. (We chose to use Hershey’s-brand chocolate kisses in our brisk recipe, you can find the right pieces of chocolate on your own)
  • 1 cup of dried fruit like raisins
  • 1 cup of nuts, dried nuts such as peanuts
  • 1 cup of bonbon or colored sugar
  • 1 meter long ribbon or a rope that will look cute
  • Blessing Mix gift tags you may find

Once you have prepared these materials, you can start the preparations by following the instructions. Indeed, preparation this is very easy.

Here are the instructions;

Find a large container and mix all ingredients except chocolate in this container. Then fill in small bags in appropriate quantities of this mixture and add chocolate pieces to each bag.

Attach a printable gift label or prepare these gift cards with your own handwriting. Attach these labels to your small bags. Be careful to be legible. Using your own creativity, you can also create more diverse poems and celebrates here. Besides, if you are preparing with handwriting, you can also make your cards look more attractive with colorful and bright pencils.


You can prepare 16 Thanksgiving Blessing Mixes for this recipe.

Each product in the Thanksgiving Blessing Mix has certain meanings.

We represent the blessings and abundance of these products, the gratitude we feel for the builders of our country, the days when the settlers only survived with those few cores per day, the fertile soil and the blessed future. We are also representing our friends and family who sweeten our lives with chocolates.

We wish for a happy future with Thanksgiving and beautiful family life.


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