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Reuse the empty bottles in a good way

You can really reuse the empty bottles that are left in our house in a good way. The bottle can be used in various ways. The bottle can be used for planting trees or they can also be used for some kind of creativity. Various kinds of creativity can be done using the wine bottles or any kind of bottles using many things.

You can also use various types and kinds of colors to reuse the bottles in a good way. The bottles can be cut in various designs to give a shape to the bottles and create it. You can also cut the wine bottle in halves and make a wind chime with it. If you have a creative brain then nothing is useless and various kinds of things can be made or created with it. Using the recycled wine bottle by cutting it into two halves can make a self-watering planter.

Self-watering planter made from recycled bottles | World In Green

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