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Puzzle Art Allows You to Work Together to Create Works Of Art

Various schools or communities bring puzzle artists together to make puzzle work. This practice of bringing together random artists from all ages gives participants the opportunity to tell the story they want in pieces of puzzles.

Here, the element that will reveal the story may be a picture or a story or a poem. What is important here is the feeling of endless freedom for art.

The work to be revealed is a three-dimensional structure in which the pieces that are compatible with each other come together in the last stage.

The number of participants is unlimited in such an application, and what they can do is limited to imagination.

This project, led by Artist Tim Kelly, provided by the Monmouth County Arts Council, guarantees that the project will grow in future generations.

In an interview with them, he said that they wanted to announce the big puzzle art scene in NYC nationwide and internationally.

The puzzle project has been used by organizations to collect money, raise awareness and contribute to the arts.

If you would like to join this community, you can also contact them at Tim Kelly – tk@timkellyartist.com.

Project History:

The Monmouth County Arts Council wanted to create a project for the Teen Arts Festival, and they applied for the inclusion of the individual voice of each student in the common effort of others. Thus the “Puzzle” installation project appeared.

But in the first place it turned out that the project required much more financial resources than we thought it would, but thankfully Tim Kelly has been able to find resources as he has done many times before.

Rob Nagel (founder of SurfTaco) and Taco had a sympathetic channel and it was not long before SurfTaco showed interest in the project. Without Rob, perhaps this project would be condemned to disappear before it emerged.

We came together with the artists at the Belmar Arts Council and we produced a total of 300 pieces. Although this process is a long process, we have completed the job by having fun with music.

Below you can see the pictures of the preparation day.

It is a wonderful experiment to prepare the sample puzzles for this workshop that Tim Kelly hosts. The appearance of the workshop is as follows;

Sandy Taylor and Tim Kelly went to the writing and photography departments of the high school to introduce the project and distribute blank 24 “x24” puzzle pieces.

Sandy & Dave Taylor, his friends Gary, Tim Kelly, and Robert Maber began to bring together the first puzzle pieces at the Gallery of Visual Arts at Brookdale Community College.

We collected all the puzzle pieces created before the festival, and as we saw, the pieces the children prepared were great beyond all expectations.

For the first time we had two days of seamless puzzles on the Brookdales campus. Students reflect their ideas into pieces of puzzles.

We then moved the same system to SurfTaco at 1003 Main Street in Belmar, New Jersey, and thereafter various sub-installations around the country and around the world are now starting to develop the same system.

Future of the Project:

The project continues to grow in the US and worldwide. Remember, if you are interested, you can join this project.

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