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If You Have Old Furniture That You Think of Throwing, Think Again. You Can Make Your Furniture Look Great with an Easy Hand Skill

We may normally want to sell and get rid of our old furniture. But, remember, you can have a brand new furniture with a little hand effort.

If you are still thinking about giving a cheap deal to a second-hand dealer, think again what you can do, else, with those.

I thought the same. Until I see how wonderful renewals can be made under the headings of DIY on the internet. When I first read the articles on this subject, I did not see myself lucky enough to be able to accomplish these tasks. But over time I persuaded myself to renew my own furniture as I realized how successful handmade works might be done on my own.

I first ask myself this question: Can I really use my creativity on these old items at home? Do I want to use my creativity? Am I afraid of failing?

I wanted to answer all these questions myself and sincerely respond to myself. What I discovered after these questions was that I really wanted to be in such a struggle, but I realized I could not get to work because I was afraid of failure.

I made a quick decision, and now I was convinced myself that I would do the restoration work on my own, along with the resources I read on the internet, no matter what the consequences are. I really wanted to gain my furniture back and make a living with a new and vibrant color.

I decided to use some Country Gray for the paint I prepared before the furniture painting and I diluted it with a few tablespoons of water.

Using this mixture, I rubbed the parts of the paint. After waiting a few hours, I added Country Gray to the dry area. In particular, the Country Gray of Annie Solan has a different and pleasant tone than ordinary greens. It has a green color, approaching a greenish tone that you can catch a very authentic atmosphere.

After I implement the first layer, I waited a little drying time, and I took a thin layer of paint on my brush and went over the first layer of paint again.

I cannot say that my work is finished after two layers of paint, because I come on strong for the third layer, which has a white paint color that is more important and visually predominant than these two layers.  I started to work on wet layer for the last layer. With a wet sandpaper, you can give your furniture a special look without removing the entire paintwork. With a wet sandpaper, you can scratch the parts to get a perfect look. I learned all of these proposals on the internet. The Internet is really full of ideas that are waiting to be discovered for such hobbies.

I did a superficial dust cleaning work to clean the closet before I started this work, but I did not need a complete cleaning. You can even add extra sand to the surface and the grainy pattern that appears during painting is also very nice.

I am very happy because of this experience and I have different ideas that I would like to try in my future studies. I cannot wait to apply these ideas and share the results with you.


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