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Old Barn Look Painting Can Transform the Appearance of Wooden Furniture Easily

Wooden furniture is preferred by people because of its sophistical look. The other important reason why people love them is that they are stronger than any other materials.

Transform Old Wooden Furnitures Into Classy One in Just Few Steps

If you are get bored of your old wooden furniture and do not have enough money to buy new one, you can make it on your own. It is really easy DIY projects that you just need few materials for it. You can redesign your desk, dinner room table and even bookcase. Faux barn wood painting is a good way of redesigning old wooden furniture and items.

         In order to make fax barn wood painting, you need to obtain these things:

  • Paint brush(any kind can be)
  • Weathered barn stain
  • Different items in interesting shapes (optional for pattern)
  • Hammer
  • Latex primer
  • Flat gray paint (any brand can be used)
  • Sandpaper

 How to make faux barn wood painting?

Firstly, prepare area that you want to change. The area must be clean and dry. After you clean the area, sand the surface with a sandpaper and be sure about that you obtain smooth surface. Then, apply the weathered barn stain smoothly. In order to apply, use a paint brush. You can use any paint brush and they are very cheap. Rest the place to dry about 10 min after you apply.

When the surface is dried, start to next stage. This stage is optional and if you want basic look, you do not have to do this stage. Use different items to create new features on the surface. Basically, put the item and then hit the hammer on it. You can redesign the wooden furniture up to your desire with this method.

Use latex primer and apply it with a paint brush. Then wait 10 minutes to allow it dry. Lastly, apply the flat gray paint into the area. Pay attention to apply it only some areas according to your desire and the furniture.

What about improving their look easily with old barn look painting?


In the past, old barn look was thought like used a lot. But nowadays, it is the symbol of catching trends in decoration industry. If you want to change your wooden furniture and items with trends, you can give a chance too old barn look painting.

And even, it is simpler than you think. These are the steps to follow for old barn painting:

1.Prepare the surface of wooden part

First of all, prepare the area which you are planning to change. In order to clean, mop and wait until it is dry. If it has unwanted parts, try to remove them with cutting equipment. You can add some new side parts to your wooden furniture.

2.Paint the surface with a base color

Even old barn painting consists of different color and shape, you need a base color for more professional look. Choose a base color that it can be any wood color. Paint the surface with a brush that you can use anything but larger one is more useful.  According to your needs, apply it one or two times and then wait one night for dry surface. You do not need to apply varnish in that process.

3.Paint with different colors

In that stage, you must paint the surface randomly with contrast color. For painting, you can choose green, blue and white color but do not forget to avoid stain white that it has glamour.

Apply the different colors to surface and wait until it dries. You do not need to apply colors equally, apply them randomly.


4.Use different shapes(optional)

In order to obtain older look, you can use different shapes with the help of hammer.

Place the shape and after that beat the hammer. With hammer, the shape of items will impress on the surface.







5.Sand the surface

Sand the surface with the help of sand paper. While sanding the surface, do not sand in equal way. Instead of this, sand some parts more than other parts for old look wooden furniture. Cut the unwanted parts on the surface. Try to obtain flat and smooth surface even its old look. You can use sand mop machine instead of sand paper.

6.Apply the varnish

Buy a suitable varnish for the wooden furniture and apply it smoothly. You must use small painting brush to apply varnish. Try to use small portions while applying varnish.

7.Sand again the surface

Lastly, sand the surface again. But that time, pay attention to apply sanding process smoothly. Finally, clean the area and start to use your new wooden furniture.

You can change the look of your wood furniture with old barn painting method which is explained here. It is just that easy.

Source: thehouseofsmiths.com

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