A new pillows ?  I did , My  Own Pillow  But How ?

Home my sweet home , most of our time we spend in our home ,sleeping ,eating ,resting . All of us work hard .Homework ,preaparing a project  ,driving a car  and at the end of the day yes we will sleep. Even sometimes   we  just think to go home. Actually  we try to change home decoration ever so often  because we live everyday routine duties  its gives  us a energy to change things.  Sometimes buying  a new vase , change the blinds , new  pillows , blankets , a doormat,flowers or something else. Because our time is valuable and  spending quality time  is important also.

We plan to create new things with households items. Create  someting  giving  us a great  energy  cause all of  us  love  sweet home. After a hardworking day we always dream  to go sweet home and sleeping. So our bedroom  always  should be  comfortable and silent. Especially women love  changing  decoration .There is  different ways to do this . Here we try to explain the cheapest way of making your own printing on your bedding set. Lets begin with pillows.

We think to make some prints on fabrics. This can change  the views of  the  pillow or create  a new pillow .First you should choose  a type of  leaf . It should be  a maple leaf or rowan leaf. Now we prefer a rowan leaf . But you have many choice like lilac leaf , aspen ,alder ,oac, linden  etc.. Anyway maple  leaf should be a great choice as a secondary  it is just humbly advice  for  you .

Choose your color  .It should match one of  your accesorries in the  bedroom. For example a mirror frame color , night lamp or a stool whatever you want . We prefer black color for rowan type of  leaf .

Another  step is  fabric. We prefer   unbleached cotton .But  fabrics  also have various option. Linen and cotton fabric can be use. We will use  fabric paint so  its better to check the dye  content is suitable  for your work .Then  you  need a small size  paintbrush to apply the paint on the rowan  leaf. This work you can use  household necessary thing  . You dont  need to find out . If you need  it should  be found easily at your market place or in the craft store .

Lets together  begin !  You will see that how it works as below :

Place  the  fabric on the table where you plan to work  and you should  apply the paint on the leaf  with your paintbrush carefully.and then press  the  dyed  rowan leaf on the fabric slowly.That is all. You can print and apply the leaf  whereever you need. Its up to you .  The pillows should  leave  to dry. You can put on your bed the pillows well.

We advise you that you can create many of  different prints for your pillows. You dont need  much budgets. Just with  simple ideas .After  its finished  you  should iron  the fabric  in order to make it waterproof. The fabric  is dried  and pillows cover  paint is ready now  you  can make sewing and add your  zipper on the pillows. The zipper should be fastener choice for you  but  you can also prefer  some buttons .


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