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New Look for Fireplace: DIY Fireplace Mantel

When we think cold winter days, the one thing that comes into mind easily is fireplace. Fireplace is very efficient for heating system and it is also thought as a part of home decoration. What about adding it extra features that can show your home classy? Fireplace mantel is a kind of shelf that can be used to demonstrate fireplace better and can be used to display decoration items. It really looks classical and modern and that’s why it must be a part of your home. Even you do not have to buy it, you can make it in few steps. In order to inspire you, it is a typical DIY fireplace mantel project that can be done simply.

  Equipment and materials to make DIY Fireplace Mantel

  • Decorating molding
  • Glue that can be used for wood
  • Wood board (the size depends on the width of fireplace)
  • Paint and paint brushes
  • Level
  • Table and circular saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Construction glue
  • Wood shaping equipment (optional)
  • Colorful stones(optional)

  How to do fireplace mantel:

1.Firstly, plan the size of fireplace carefully.  Sketch the style of fireplace that you want to make. Especially, determine depth of shelf. In this guide, general type of fireplace mantel is made in a simple way.

2. Start from legs. In order to make, obtain three wood board for each side. With the help of wood glue, paste them. Be sure that you use straight board in right measurements. To be sure, help from ruler.

3.Then, assemble the legs into the wall. For that, use stud according to your desire. You can also use construction glue to assemble them. The legs of fireplace are parts that carry all loading.

4.Now, it is time to assemble breast plane. Up to you, prepare a wood plate for that reason and fix it on the wall. Check it is straight or not with a ruler.

5.Use crown molding at that step. You must place decorating molding on the legs of fireplace mantel. Use construction glue. That part must be strong enough to carry shelf. So, if you can do, use mechanical assembly parts, too.

6.Now, cut and make the shelf. According to your plan, glue it with molding part. Pay attention that you use straight part. To make better, use screw to assemble into the wall. Help from saw to obtain different shape.

7.In order to obtain straight and good look, use sandpaper before painting. You can also special wood knives in that part to make decorative shapes.

8.Paint the all fireplace mantel which color you want. You can use other special painting material for molding parts. White is the most preferred color in fireplace mantel making. Optionally, you can use colorful stones to decorate inside parts of fireplace mantel. It gives to your environment more sophistical look.

9.Finally, DIY fireplace mantel is ready to use. Do not forget that even though it is made from strong material, avoid putting heavy objects on it.

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