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Minimalist Residential House Which Will Attract the Attention of Every Car Owner

This while residential house is one of the greatest house you may ever see. Although it looks quite spacious it is not as spacious as most of the houses since the great part of this house is the garage where you can keep your vehicles in your house. There is no special section for the garage and it will allow you to see your precious vehicles all the time. In fact, it would be safe to say that, this house is designed by focusing your precious vehicles.

The bedroom, living room, garage, and bath are covered with glass walls and you need to pay attention to the landscape of your yard. In addition to this, since the walls of the house are made of glass, you need to secure the area for the safety purposes. In addition to this, as you can see the house is designed with the minimalist approach.

The main reason to do so is to out the vehicles into the foreground. There is a huge sofa which is located in front of the fireplace and there is a large television on it. You can have a good time with your friends and family members in this house but it is not suitable for many families in terms of the ease of use.

The white and black are the colors which dominate the house and it is possible to find these details in all of the rooms. There is another fireplace in the bedroom which is quite extraordinary and you can watch your television and feel the warmth provided by the fireplace while you will be staying in your bed. Also, there is some additional sofa in the bedroom where you can sit and read some books or do additional things.

The bathroom has a quite minimalist design as well where you can only find a bath tube in it. It is possible to include additional things such as hot tub however it will be worth to note that the more details you will include in it, the more the design will be disturbed. Although this house looks fantastic you should note that you will have to pay great attention to keep the house look good.

You can own this house as a side house where you can take your family and spend your weekend. In this way, you will be able to get rid of the stress and chaos of the city and spend some good time where you will rest both physically and psychology. It will be worth to note that this design belongs to Steve Hermann and you can find more of his works by making research about him on any search engine and it will not be possible for to let your house look this much amazing without that much fancy cars. But in the event that the following may look appealing for you then you can also remove these vehicles and include some additional things such as a pool or gaming room inside of your house.

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