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Making your own DIY lampshade at home

If you are fond of beautiful lampshades, you can make it on your own, without the trouble of going to the nearest shop and choosing the best lampshade. The best part of making lampshades at home is that, you can make any designs, provided you have the adequate amount of materials that are necessary. For making a DIY lampshade, you will need a circular piece of wire, with three spokes on it.

It should also have a small piece of button, which can be directly connected to your lamp. For better support, you can also use to such threads, having the circular shape, but the second one should be a little smaller radius compared to the bigger one. Now you have to paste or attach the design growth, which you are having with you. After you do that, your DIY lampshade is ready to use. Always try to choose a growth, through which light can pass.


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