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Making the best wall hangers using ropes

If you’re looking for a number of life hacks, you should know a number of knots, which can definitely be helpful for you.

The knots are quite easy to make, and they are considered to be lifesavers in many cases. If you are not a person, who always goes on adventures, you can use those knots in order to hang a number of items, without the need of calling the person for inserting a nut on the wall.

With the help of the wall hangers using ropes, you can handle a number of everyday items, and you can also use a bag, where you can keep your everyday requirements without facing any kind of troubles. You will have to use a piece of wood, where you will handles ropes, and that will actually act as a framework.

It will not be a big task for beginners, and thus you can easily do it on your own.


How do you get long curved knot lines with no breaks? Introduce a new piece of rope! Cutting the length is much more simple once you have all your rope up on the loom. I’m creating a layered piece today so I have the back layer attached to my dowel with larks head knots. The second layer hangs from the dowel by two sections of rope joined with a square knot in the centre. This gives me a nice natural curve to hang more rope from! Because I want a smooth evenly spaced second layer I’m going to do a hitch knot along the length. I do this by adding a new piece of rope into the layer. Introducing a new piece of rope can be a little fiddley so don’t loose faith if you can’t get your first hitch knot perfectly in place. I cut the new piece of rope the same length as all my other pieces that I’ve attached to the second layer plus the length of the hitch knot I want to create! Happy knotting! Let me know if you have any questions! I’m using my 2mm thick twist cord here. So lovely and soft to work with and it can create such fine and detailed work! You can buy it on my @etsyau @etsy store ‘The Middle Aisle’ . . . . #melbournemade #macrame #creativityfound #igersmelbourne #etsyau #macramemaker #macramemelbourne #macrameworkshop #modernmacrame #melbournefolk #weddingstyling #kinfolkhome #weavingclass #makersgonnamake #macramewedding #weavingworkshop #fibreart #makersmovement #howtomacrame #thefiberstudio #macramewallhanging #australianmade #weaversofig #cylcollective #craftsposure #wearethemakers #abmplantlady #buyhandmade #bohointerior #macrameaustralia

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