Making Some Art Designs And Having Fun In Christmas

When I see these designs, I go back in time to my childhood. When the New Year was coming, as children we were starting to celebrate it one month before that night. Everyday, our teacher was bringing new materials to us, and we were making different designs with this materials. Candle, cotton, coloring pencils, and colorful papers were just some of these materials. While reading this article, you’ll go back in time to your childhood, and remember how you where making snowflakes with candle drops or cotton pieces.

New Year comes like this for children. But, how about us? Aren,’t we waiting the New Year more excited from children. Even we are adults, we love making something handmade and decorate our home like a child’s room. There are different types of handmade ornaments that we can do for New Year. Are you ready for going back to your childhood by using these materials again after all these years. Make them together with your children, so it will be a good exercise between the parent and the child.


As I said, what you have to do to make these beautiful ideas is to get some easy materials and start  to maket hem. These materials are; colorful papers, candle, cotton, coloring papers, some rope, some pieces of cloth that you don’t use. All these materials are that kind that you can find in your houses. So, you Don’t have to pay for something to decorate your house fort he New Year Eve.

With these materials, you can do some frames, and full the frame with Christmas hats that you have made with the colorful papers and the cloths that you don’t use. You can decorate the sides of the hat with the cotton pieces. Hang them to the ropes. And that’s all, you have a beautiful Christmas frame.

There are different types of decorations, like snowmen jars, snowmen puppets, door decor made from Christmas tree, bulletin boards, and many other decorations that you can find on the internet. From the internet you can find every decor that you want. Don’t pay for these decorations, when you have a chance to do them at home and enjoy your time while doing them. Make your plans some months before the Christmas, so you can collect the materials slowly. From now, I wish you a very happy new year with the ones that you love.

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