Make Your Favourite Smells With Handmade Fresheners

Fresh plants, natural oils, spices, vegetable-fruits and fresh herbs … You can make natural home smells using natural materials easily found in your home.

We allocate a specific budget for air fresheners. Let’s not make these room smells on our own, but also with very natural ingredients? We first shared with you that the oil of plants like lavender, mint and so on, we mentioned that the sticky room odor, which is very popular in recent years, can be done. We have also explained in detail that if you want to give your energy to the smell of the environment, you need to use the oils of different plants if you want to be different, relax and switch to sleep easily. Now it’s time to elaborate on different room odor making ideas … Here you will find examples of room odor making using natural plants, fruity, flowers and some spices.


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