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How To Make Knitted Christmas Trees As Small Decorations

Knitting handicraft has came to a place where everything can be made by kintting. Decorations, washcloths, jackets, hats, scarfs are different types of them. Lastly I saw Christmas tree done by knitting. Of course, it isn’t as big as a real Christmas tree. Doing that big one will last maybe some years. So, what I’m saying is, a smal decorative tree that will be a sweet stuff on your table or ornaments.

There is a technic used to make such decorations. It’s called Amigurumiyi style. Amigurumiyi is the name given to the technique of making toys that the japanese used to make with a needle or a blob using frequent needle technique. There are millions of creative examples on the Internet. Especially healthy for children, and very entertaining. They are quite harmless because they are not tough.

We start by making the magic ring in the first stage. We put a finger in the thread because it is a thread and we take out a stitch and make a needle frequently. Then we put 6 needles into the ring that formed. After finishing the needles, we pull the yarn and tighten it. So there is no gap between them.

We started to knit Amigurumiyi. We have 6 needles in the magic ring and we start to increase and we grow up to the size we want. In the first stage, in the second round, we sink two times in each loom and make frequent needle. Afterwards, we make a needle up to 1 stitch and 2 stitches to the next stitch to make the desired size. We do this as much as we want to paint. We knitted Amigurumiyi. Now it’s time to cut down. Exchanges can be done by jumping the needle 1 frequently.

When you want to make it as a tree, you start from the top and continue by adding them as we told. Then connect one side to another.


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