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Make A Dog Bed From Your Old Sweaters

I found for you the steps of preparing a very nice bed for our lovely friends at home with old sweaters. Let’s review the details of this work, which is ideal not only for dogs but also for other domestic animals such as home-grown cats.

There is a need for a wide variety of knobs, a cushion, a small piece of fabric, some fibers or sponges, and needles for stitching that are not used to make dog beds. Once you have these materials, you can quickly and easily prepare a soft and handy bed for your pet friends. Place the cushion into the sweater first to make a dog bed from the ground up. Tighten the fibers or sponges to the arm parts afterwards. You can complete the construction of the dog bed by sewing the last long piece of fabric to the junction of the two pillars.


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