I Love This Technique. It Really Is Easy to Do with Simple Tolls

Hello, in this article we will talk about how you can prepare the quilt design. If you are looking for to do such a design, you should read our article carefully.

Since such a design requires a bit of craftsmanship at first, subsequent designs will become easy for you to prepare and create awesome quilts.

We are very excited about our experiments. Let’s start if you are ready.

First, you need two strips for this project. Stripes must be 60 cm long at least, and you may use any kind of fabrics as to your pleasure. We will apply a cutting known as Jelly Roll. For this, sew and iron two strips together. Now we have a two-color fabric. Then leave this fabric on one side and get a third different fabric. You can sew this fabric behind the previous strip. It should be a straight stitch and should be about an inch from the edge. If you don’t trust yourself for implementing a straight stitch, try for it with an old and useless fabrics.

Do this stitch twice, if you are not sure about straightness. Here, take the ruler and perform the first cutting operation at an angle of 45 degrees, to form an equilateral triangle. You may wonder if this is important to start this cutting from left or right side. We can say, the only difference between left hand or right-hand cutting is which direction you start. For this reason, you can start from the side you are prone to. Then follow the edge of the first section and cut off your triangle for the second time. In this way you will get triangles with a double rectangle cut at a 45-degree angle. Note that the measurements are equal. Otherwise, your shape will lose its straight look.

After all this cutting is done, you must have 4 different (but same size of course) triangles. When you open these triangles from the cut point, you will get 4 squares. You must get a big square by combining all these squares from the ends.

After finishing these operations, iron all fabrics to lose the cutting points. You can obtain the image by using cross join.

We recommend that you use a tool that can cut off by following a straight path, such as a model knife, for cutting. If you want to cut with scissors, you should do the marking well, because if the pieces come together on a false direction, they will break the whole design.

Do not forget that you are free in your design, and find a lot of different color ideas on the net.

So, it’s a fun technique and something that you’ll enjoy it. Means that, we could make two and a half blocks of three fabric strips. And it takes very little fabric to do it, and once you learn this technique, you will never throw your old fabrics anymore.

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