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Like the First Day, Reuse Your : With Vinegar and Baking Soda, How to Clean Completely Shower?

After you come from work and want to have a shower, facing with dirty and muddy shower is absolutely not acceptable thing. Especially, base part of shower is expected to be white as much as possible. What about first day that you use your shower?

Is it possible to use your shower like the day you bought and started to use it again? With some materials which can be found at home easily, it is possible to clean complete of your shower and use it like a new one.

1.The base part of shower-Shower tray

The base part of shower is the place that easy to get dirty. Maybe, you can clean it with traditional methods occasionally but what about complete whiteness?

Cleaning the base part of shower which is also called shower tray is effortless with the help of vinegar and baking soda. It is generally known that baking soda has big impact on bleaching and vinegar is protective cleaning material for bacterial areas. So, in order to effectively clean, pour baking soda into shower tray and then spill vinegar on baking soda.

Froth up them together with a sponge and try to clean your shower tray. For whiter shower tray, you can let the cleaning mixture to wait to bleach for a while. After waiting, wash shower tray with water and see the results.

2.The door tracks of shower

Door tracks of shower are places that easily can be provided for cleaning. Even though you think you clean it effectively, it is hard to clean it with just spilling water. In order to clean tracks, obtain a toothbrush that are not going to use anymore. Firstly, clean the tracks with a dust cloth and prepare baking soda. With the help of the toothbrush, froth up baking soda and apply on the tracks rigidly. After obtaining clean surface, wash the area.

3.Shower hose and shower head

Shower head and shower hose are general parts that use in shower a lot. That is why original color and surface can be changed with time in spite of water. For frequent cleaning, you can use baking soda and vinegar mixture on shower hose and shower head, too. If you face lime on shower head, you need more professional solutions. You can use vinegar alone or lemon juice on limes. Both of them are great solutions in order to remove lime surface.

4.Shower Cabin

Lastly, to clean shower cabin you can basically use any kind of cleaning method. With dust cloth, prepare a mixture based on cleaning material and apply it.  If you come across with water stain, you can use vinegar. Apply vinegar by a toothbrush strongly, water stain will be removed.

5.Shower Curtain

Unlike general beliefs, do not wash curtains at washing machine. The surface texture of these curtains is different from general fabrics and that is the reason you should clean them in a different way. Use hot water and vinegar and wash them. You will see the difference on the result.



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