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Let’s Prepare an Origami Christmas Angle with This Easy Steps

Origami art is an enjoyable art. Now we will tell you how to do this for those who want to make an angelic figure for Christmas.

The angel figure can really be done with a few simple tools. Although they can be done in a simple way, they look great. The color papers you need (the two important colors you need to choose for Christmas decorations are red and white) and a little glue. Beside these, there may be some ornaments you want to add. Most of these ornaments can easily be made with little expense or time.

If you think it is a good idea to have a few angels at home for Christmas Day, keep reading.

Before we start talking about how to prepare the angelic figurine, let’s have a list of the materials you need to have ready:

  • A piece of 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper
  • Small and shiny paper pieces
  • 24 inches long yarn from 1/4 to 1/8 inches wide
  • Ruler, Pen, Glue and Scissors

After you have these materials ready, do not forget to find the design page for the paper model and print out from the printer.

Separate the different elements from the design page.

You can experiment directly with these papers or use them to cut your own fancy papers. You will prepare for the angel face you will use the paper should be a thick paper. If you can find glossy papers especially for ornaments, use yellow papers.

Mark one half inch of folds on one side of the paper. You can use the ruler as a guide to make a straight fold. Tilt the ruler flat. You will see that as you continue to fold, the paper will start turning spontaneously and the angel’s body will emerge.

Cut two pieces each 2 inches long. These will then be angel wings.

Make a hole in the end of each piece you cut for the wing, but be careful not to squeeze excess paper in these holes, otherwise you may cause the holes to tear.

Place the perforated areas at the top so that they have a proper wing appearance.

Pass through the ribbing holes from the outer edge of a wing to the outer edge of the other and pull the ribbon gently. Secure the gathered accordion paper curls with a ribbon.

Cut the remaining face and support shapes, fold them halfway up, and fold them in opposite directions along the other two lines shown.

Gather all these pieces together using glue and combine all the pieces by rolling without gluing them.

After first drying the glue, reinforce the support by adding sufficient amounts of glue to both sides of the support piece.

After the gluttonous swarm, hold your angel firmly to keep it together until dry, and do not move too far.

With different papers and ribbons, you can also prepare your own angelic decorations in different colors and models. As always I say, don’t forget to make mistakes. Just don’t bother to try.

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