Last Night Wine Bottle Is New Luminaire Of Your House:4 Clever Ways of Reusing Old Bottles

If you think glass bottles like wine and other beverage bottles are just one-time using, you are misguided. Glass bottles -especially long ones-are great materials for your DIY projects.  Due to their strong and grand material, you can use these bottles in many projects.  Glass bottles can be painted and cut in different ways up to your needs.  4 exciting ways of reusing of glass bottles are listed below :

  1. Using as a luminaire

Wine bottles can be great luminaire for your living room. If you are looking for sophistical decoration, wine bottles can be essential part of your home decoration.  For that, you can cut the bottom side of bottle with needed tools and can fix on the ceiling of your room. And then, you can enjoy your new lights.

  1. New environment for your flowers

Last night champagne bottles can be new vase for your flowers. It is the easiest way of reusing glass bottles. If you do not like the appearance of solid color of the bottles, you can paint or decorate with needed materials.

  1. Using for decoration purposes

If you are looking for something different in-home decoration, bottles can be option for you. Paint and redecorate them and use them in different part of your home. Artificial flowers, colorful lights and stones are just few materials which can be used in these purposes.

  1. Great ambiance with candles

Using your old wine bottles as a candle holder can create romantic look for your home. Whether you use full of bottles or by cutting it, classical and romantic look will change the environment of your house.

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