Ladies, Here Are Finest Protective Hairstyles You Should Try This Month

Protective hairstyles are any hair extensions that you braid or fix to your natural hair. Protective hairstyles are those that protect your natural hair, especially the ends, from being damaged by tucking them inside. Our hair can become dry and brittle during harmattan, which is the Christmas and New years for Africans. This leads to split ends and breakage. Protecting our hair is essential. Protective hairstyles like cornrows and box braids or weave-on help to protect your natural hair from harm.

Finest Protective Hairstyles

1. Cornrow

These braids are traditional and involve a close-knit style. The hair is twisted up at the roots using an upward, underhand motion to create a continuous, raised row. Although cornrows are usually done in straight lines as the name implies, they can also be styled with intricate geometric or curvilinear designs.

2. Box braids

These styles are popular among Africans and those living in the diaspora. This style is known as a “protective hairstyle”, a style that can last a long time and allow the natural hair to grow. It also has square-shaped hair divisions.

3. Weave-on

We have you covered for those who don’t fit into the above categories but still prefer natural protective styles.


4. Thread style

Hair threading is a good way to protect your hair. This is done by wrapping thread around your hair.

You can always use a headwrap. While not a hairstyle that protects your hair, the headwrap provides protection from the weather elements. We must not forget that the headwrap, which is not a protective hairstyle, also adds beauty and culture to African outfits.

These hairstyles are beautiful, so don’t hesitate to follow, comment, like, and share them with your friends.

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