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Kill Spiders With Natural Remedies: Effortless and Easy DIY

Spiders are not attractive as we see on the film, are they? No body want spiders inside their houses, even some of us crazily are afraid of them. If you live in wild area that face poisonous spiders, you are right about your fear. In order to keep spiders out of your house, there are few natural remedies and precautions that you can make easily.

    1.Spider Repellent Spray

To prepare natural homemade spider repellent spray, you need these :

– 1 tablespoon apple vinegar

-3 drop peppermint oil

3 drop lavender oil

-some water

In order to prepare spider repellent spray, mix apple vinegar and water. Then, add the essential oils. Blend all the mixture and put on a spray bottle. You can use the mixture every part of your house. Do not forget the repeat the process seasonally.

2.Orange Peels

It is really amazing that orange has some ingredients that keeps spiders out of. Actually, not only oranges even lemons and grapefruits can be used for that reason. Obtain orange peels and put them the places which you are suspect that spiders can live.

3.Onion and garlic

As like old legend, onion and garlic are great things for your fight to spiders. Use a piece of onion and garlic near windows.


Cinnamon is a great spicy that spiders a lot. You can just sprinkle cinnamon around and inside your house and can fight against spiders. This method also smells better than any other method.


It can be sounds ridiculous, but it is true that cedar is big fighter for spiders. Grate it and put different part of your house and you will the see the result.

6.Clean your house

As like any other insect, spiders like dust. Clean your house regularly and pay attention that you clean everywhere. Also clean your house with hot water and soap. It is the permanent solution to keep spiders out of from your house.

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