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Home-Plan Secrets: Before Planning Your House, What Should You Consider?

When it comes to home design and drawing the plan of it, many of us do not consider a lot of details. But while living at that house, we usually complain about the shape f house. Sketching the house plan are a serious work that has some secrets in it. So, what are the most important details that you should consider when drawing your home plan?

1.Think about the type of your house and environment

Firstly, you must think about the house you want. Determine the sort of houses you like and then search their conditions. Maybe, your favorite one is not suitable for your neighbor and environment. Also, search the strength conditions of houses.

2.Stories of house

Think about your needs in your home and determine how many stories you want to build your home. In general, building two-stories house can be good idea that it is both comfortable and look in good way. But if you have a disease or elderly people, avoid from stairs.

3.Number of bedrooms that you need

Is your family big or small? How many bedrooms do you need for your house? According to these needs, determine the area of each room. And do not forget to think your guest. If you have enough space, think to build a guest bedroom.

4.Number of bathrooms

If you are planning to have a big house, then try to place bathrooms in every room. You do not need big bathrooms but existence of bathrooms in each room definitely gives you more comfortable home. And try to separate family bathrooms and guest bathrooms

5.Extra rooms

Try to use every part of your house plans. Place the extra rooms like laundry and storage rooms between the bedrooms. Even small areas can be very helpful for your home designs. As like bedrooms and living rooms, laundry and other extra rooms are really important for interior design.

6.Try to build a functional house

Your home plan must be functionality. For that reason, use every free space of your home. Even corners can be used in home designing and planning. Also, use a room for two different usage. For example, your laundry room can be used for storage, too or your garage can be kids room.

7.Kitchen area must be large

 Kitchen is one the most important area of a house. Even though you think kitchen only for cooking, it is a socialization area of families. That is why try to draw the kitchen big in your home plan sketching.

8.Think about your furniture

Generally, while drawing the plan we do not think about the number of furniture and design. But, it is really important which furniture you want to use. Even, you change the furniture during you live in that house, you must give space enough for the furniture. If you live big sofas in your living room, then you should not design your house with small living room.


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