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Here are some Photos of How to Wear your Blazer and Bum Shorts to Work/Office

Bum Short describes a pair of pants that are above the knees, showing the thighs. Bum shorts are a great way to show off your beautiful legs and make yourself look more attractive. They can be worn casually or on the street in casual outfits. You can find them in many styles, sizes, designs and fabrics, just like the full-length pants.

Bum shorts are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of denim. But, there is a way to make bum pants from any fabric. Ankara velvet, silk, suede, nylon and leather can all be made by skilled and creative tailors.

How to Wear your Blazer and Bum Shorts


Today’s article will focus on how to wear shorts to work and offices. Blazers are a signature office wear. They instantly change the look and mood of the wearer, giving off bossy vibes.

These are some tips to help you get the look you want.

1. What kind of workplace?

Before you decide to wear a short skirt to work, make sure you know what kind of workplace it is. You shouldn’t wear it to work if you work in offices or corporate environments that have dress codes. However, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can wear it to work.

2. Footwear

Shoes that complement your style better than flats will make you look more attractive.

3. Monochrome is possible

Monochrome is a bold and easy way to rock any outfit. You can pair a pair of shorts with a blazer in the exact same color.


4. Limit the number of accessories.

Outfits like these are already fashion statements. All eyes will be on the naked skin. Accessorize with a fedora hat or a pair sun shades, well-structured bag, simple necklace and a wristwatch.

5. Color blocking.

You can choose to go for a colorful look by combining two vibrant colors.

6. What to wear underneath the blazer.

Blazers can be worn as a layering piece and require innerwear underneath. You have many options for tops that you can layer over a blazer, including camisoles and blouses, teshirts, blouses or crop tops, turtle necks, tanktops, tank tops and so on.


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