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Handy and Perfect House Project for Crowded Families

The housing project we have shared with you is designed for families with kids. In case you have a crowded family and planning to build a new house in your land then this project can give some inspiration that you are looking for. The project includes a garage which can take up to three cars but you can still create a workshop for yourself within the garage. The entrance door is located next to the garage. The entire project also includes three bedrooms with plenty of other rooms.


The kitchen is located in the middle of the property and you can directly take your food and chill in the great room while watching TV with your family. The entrance to the master suite is located next to the kitchen and it is attached to master bath as well. As you can enter to laundry room from the hall, it is possible to go there from the master bath through walk-in closet. There is a bath located between bedroom 2 and bedroom 3, in this way you do not have to walk a lot after you wake up in the middle of the night in order to relieve yourself.


There is an entrance to the bath from both of the bedrooms as well as it has an individual entrance in which you can enter from the hall. The study room is located right next to the entrance door of the house and it has a street view which allows the room to receive sunlight during the day. In addition to these, you can enter to your house from your garage which means that you do not have to walk to the entrance door again after you will park your car.

Moreover, the dining room is also located in the middle of the house as well. You can find it on your right when you enter the house. The entire house designed to be handy and there is plenty of room for more furniture. Although you have lots of furniture in your current house, you can be sure that you will find enough space for each of them in this project. You can your family will happily live in this property with its quite practical design. You can even design your patio in line with your taste or together with your family which is quite large when compared to the other house projects.

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