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Guide for Built Pergola: Step by Step Explanation for Everyone

At hot summer times, absolutely the best place to be relax is your garden. That’s why garden decoration is really important issue when it comes to home design. Pergola is a great way to change your garden completely. If you are interested in big DIY projects, you can even do your garden pergola on yourself.

1.Determine the project

Determine the project you want and search it. Then, choose the material that you want to use. Cedar is one the best material that can be used in pergola design.

2.Prepare base part of pergola

The most important part of pergola making process is that you must built strong supportive basement. For that, use steel rectangular shape as base. Drill the ground and place steel rectangular plates on it.

3.Put the cedar blocks

Now, it is time to put long blocks. You can obtain them from carpenter easily. When you choose the cedar blocks, choose them according to your project needs. Place the blocks on the steel base and with the help of drill and screw, put them firmly. You must do that process causelessly to stronger structure.

4.Place support beams

Support beams are part of strong structure of pergolas. With drill, place them onto the blocks. Make sure that your last shape is strong that it must carry the roof parts.  To be sure, use needed amounts of screw.

5.Add cross beams and diagonal braces

Cross beams and diagonal braces are parts that can be base part of the roof. According to project, put them with drill and screw.

6.For the roof, use top slats

Lastly, use top slats for the roof. Top slats are long block parts that can used as a roof horizontally. Place them firmly and pergola is finished.

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