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Are you an architect or a designer? Even if you are not, are you interested in houses and house plans? Well, here is a great example for a house plan that we picked for you. This house plan is great for big families. It feels like it represents the American house styles with the size and use of the rooms. Let’s check each room on the plan little closely.

First, “THREE CAR GARAGE” took our attention. Generally, there are 1 or maximum 2 car garages located in the plans but here our designer decided to provide a three car garage which gives a great advantage for many things. For example, we all know that garages are storage areas for most of the houses. Where to put the TV box that “may” be used in the future? Where to keep the extra freezer? Where to put the gym tools and work out properly? Where to keep your tools? The answer to all these questions is, of course, The Garage!

Following, let’s check laundry and walk in closet. The idea of Laundry, Walk-in closet Master Bath and Master suite is somehow all connected to each other makes perfect sense. You can solve and make laundry without taking your clothes outside. However, keep in mind that always lock your laundry door, if you don’t want any access your bedroom.

Let’s talk about the Master Suite. Master suite and master bath are the main focus of the house when you check the design generally. The size of the Master Suite is almost the same as great room. Plus, there is a huge private bathroom for Master suite. Imagine the possibilities of decorating these areas. Lots of space will give you a lot of options. If you ask me, I prefer few furniture and more space in the house because it gives a fresh feeling when you wake up or when you go to sleep.

Next, Kitchen is not a separated room but open to great room, which is perfect because it gives a deep feeling in the house. Additionally, a great size of the Great Room is also a bonus. The combination of these both rooms creates a deep and large atmosphere for you.

There are 2 bedrooms located on the west side of the design. How imaginative and thoughtful idea! 2 bedrooms, have separate toilets. Let us mention this, in most of the houses, you cannot find this kind of thoughts. Imagine having a family reunion or having two kids at the same time. They all will be able to use the toilet since there are one for each. The reason there is only 1 bath between them is that of the usage frequency.

One of my favorite, Study Room, and a corner room! If you are working from home, there wouldn’t be any better place than a corner room. Of course, I would prefer double windows, but you can always add these stuff. Imagine yourself, in the cold winter with snowy area sipping your hot coffee and doing your work at home watching your front yard and the beautiful season and snow..


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