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Gorgeous 3D Flooring Designs

Digital printing technology and polymer building materials provide both attractive and economically feasible contributions to home decor. Everywhere from walls to ceilings and floors, the space of the places can be changed without spending the budget by utilizing the three-dimensional printing technology. With three-dimensional wallpapers adn floors, you can transform your walls into Amazon forests, transform your ceilings into sky, and transform the floors into an aquarium or a plaza. Three-dimensional floor coatings are generally favored in bathrooms, toilets and kitchen areas. The most important feature that separates the floor coverings from the stretch light ceilings where the three-dimensional visuals are applied is the covering material applied on the print. Resin-like polymeric material, known as epoxy, polymeric, is applied as a liquid on vinyl, where the three-dimensional visual is printed, and freezes to give the glass a glassy look.

Source: https://www.littlepieceofme.com/home-decor/3d-floor-design-ideas/

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