Every living creature deserves a chance to live on this planet. There are is a cycle of life that needs to be continued. We cannot say anything about food chain because the stronger animal may kill the weak in order to feed. However, we never approve killing any animal or creature for fun!

There are many animals out there to be afraid or disgusted and it differs from person to person. Spiders are one of the most feared animals around the world. There are lots of movies and stories about them.

There was a rumor on the internet such as “each person on the earth eats 20 spiders average in their dreams.” This was created in order to see how fast the rumor on the internet could spread all over the world. Unfortunately, this fact is stuck in our minds and disturbs us somehow.

As stated before, we never approve to hurt any animal, however, if you are disturbed by their presence, there is a way to keep spiders out of your house without killing them.


You need some supplies in order to create the mix.

Needed Supplies:

-Empty Spray Bottle

-Essential Peppermint oil (4 drops)

-Essential Tea Tree oil (4 drops)

-Dish Soap (4 drops)

Once you mix all these ingredients in the empty spray bottle, you should fill the rest with water until it is full.

It is very simple and easy to provide this mix. Once you are ready with your ultimate repellant. Tried to spraying it over corners, door areas, window areas, attics, to summary every place you can cover.

Since spiders have taste buds on their feet, once they get near sprayed areas they will never touch these areas.

Personally, I had a little spider problem last month and tried this mix. However, I have added some vinegar to the mix. Also, you can add some lemon as well. I only tried with vinegar and let me tell you this, I haven’t seen any spider around the house since. Once I found a little one in the middle room and performed the same mix on that area and problem was solved.

I would suggest doing this repeatedly once a month or once in two months just to make sure that you are free from spiders.

If you have any other solutions or something better, please let us know from the comment section, we can add your thoughts and experiences in our writings.

Plus, If you need more and detailed explanation, you can check the “source” link stated below.


Some houses may have some other insect problems. This mix may or may not work for other insects. However, if it doesn’t you can see a below-stated list of mixture ingredients for each insect. Since we all live in different atmosphere and natures, we thought it may be useful for you.


You can get any ingredient for any insect shown above any change the key subject of the mix with it. The rest will stay the same and you will use it as stated before in this post.

If you need more detailed explanation or tutorial we strongly recommend you to check our “source” links.


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