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In Only Four Steps, Make Charming Gift Box Easily   

Gifts are great way of expressing feelings. Especially on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays, we prepare gifts for our lovers. But what about gift boxes?  Do you want to make gift box, too? With easy and quick steps, you do not need buy gift box anymore.

Materials that you need:

-scrapbook paper(thick)     

-Glue and scissors

-Ruler (to be sure about symmetrically)

-Paper slicer(optional)

-Decoration materials (colorful paper, fabric etc.)

 How to do:

  • Draw an X shape on your scrapbook paper from corner to corner.
  • Fold each side according to X shape and then top of the parts should be folded like a triangular shape.
  • Then, straight up the parts you fold and with the help of glue, fix them on the base. Be sure about you do this process symmetrically.
  • Make sure that gift box can be closed.
  • After these process, make some decoration on your gift box. You can use colorful papers, dried flowers, some fabrics, tinsel and even toys.
  • In order to make strengthen material for your gift box, you can double scrapbook paper, too.
  • Keep your gift box in dry before using for your gift.

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