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Excellent Shutter Ideas That Can Be Applied to Give a Nice View to The Basement Windows

Since the basement windows are adhered to the floor when you look outside the building, they are more important windows that you are paying more attention to than the other windows of your house.

Different solutions may apply to these windows to provide a decorative appearance as well as to protect them from moisture and rainfall. You may also want to add a handmade blind to your windows to prevent unwanted animals entering easily when they are open. Also, if the basement floors are light sensitive and you want the materials to stay durable for a long time, you may also need to lock the windows in order to control the light entrance.

If you want to give this decorative look to your warehouse basement windows, continue reading.

Since we try to provide you with decorative solutions as much as possible before anything else, we would like to talk about the more popular types of shutters used in southern countries in this writing. You may need a little more work, but you must create these types of shutters because they will both allow air flow and be more durable.

You can apply moving sleighs both from top and bottom, or you can have a more robust shutters by applying them from both sides, we decide to use upper ones as seen in the example. However, it is generally preferred to move it from the lower part because the basement floors are more likely to get worn out when you open and close the windows that are nearby.

Our design suggestion is the use of wood materials to have a decorative appearance. However, as woodworking requires fewer tools and hand skills, it is an important factor that will affect how the handicraft will appear and how the crane will look. Patience and ability are very important in such a handmade work.

In our work, we decide to use the wheel rail system because we had difficulties to find a flat ground, but you can also consider a hinged solution. Although the hinges can be moved 180 degrees with, it is more advantageous to choose the rail system in terms of durability. In addition, a shutter that opens and closes with the rail system is more beneficial for small basements. Because the opening and closing angles will be parallel to the wall, it will be able to be used easily.

During the preparation phase it is important that the materials are ready to be renovated. If you do not have such a possibility, you can go to a workshop and apply the necessary cutting and painting procedures once you have the measurements you need. However, even if you are not familiar with our woodworking machine, you can carry out the workmanship you would need with a portable milling machine, drill and manual saw.

In addition to giving your aesthetically pleasing appearance during the modeling phase of your renovation, you can also design flow channels to prevent the leaking in situations such as precipitation.

If you are designing a shutter for the basement window for the first time throughout the entire process, you can do it in conjunction with an experienced friend, which can prevent you from anticipate issues that will arise later.

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