Enjoyable Chestnuts Person That You Can Make Only In 10 Minutes

Chestnuts are great gifts of autumn season. We like their taste and smell, but if you ever think we can use them for DIY kid project? Actually, making animation characters with chestnuts are really simple and enjoyable. In order to make chestnut people you need these:

-Mini driller (You can find it at the craft shop or if you are think you are talented on this stuff, use another equipment)



-Decoration things (optional) (dried flowers and fruits can be used.)


How to do:

  • Use mini driller or other drill equipment on chestnuts to make some holes. Up to you your desire, create new chestnuts. If you want to do chestnuts person, you need four holes for legs and arms.
  • Use matches to make legs and arms. Paste the hole parts of chestnuts and obtain the shape.
  • Now, your chestnut people almost done. Use pencil to draw face and other things. And for more attractive looking, use some decoration.
  • At the end, you have your chestnuts person in just 10 min. Enjoy with this DIY project with your children.

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