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Are you ready to lose your thighs but don’t know how to? Well, you are looking at the correct place!

There are numerous of reasons to exercise and shape your body, fort he looks, health, and all combine together. Body types are different for each person, therefore you cannot expect that every exercise is right for you. First you need to know your body and what do you need. Nobody knows this better than you!

When searching internet, you can find thousands of exercise and programs. They all promise the same thing! Lose weight! But how? Some body types can burn the upper body fats faster but some can’t, same as the reverse, some body types can burns lower body fats faster than upper body parts. Therefore, here you have to choose the exercise which is right for you.

If you are trying to lose fats on your thighs, then you should definitely give this training a shot!

There are many man and women are complaining about their thighs but mostly covering them with tight jeans or pants. If you are sick of your thighs this exercise might be a help for you.

You can find detailed explanation in the below stated source link.

For these exercise 15 reps of each move is suggested from the creator of the exercise Jessica Smith. I have started with 10 reps of each move and increased the number of replicas with 2 rep for each week. Therefore at the end of 5th week, I was able to perform 20 reps of each move! I can say that this was the right exercise for me, only in 2 weeks I could see the difference.

If you think it is necessary, (which I did for my exercise routine) add 5 or 10 pound of dumbbells to your exercise to force yourself a little bit more. (I have started to do this after 4 weeks.)

Just a friendly suggestion, if you are performing the exercise, rest your muscles for 1 or 2 days. Personally, I have performed 4 times a week in the beginning! Later, when I decided that I have achieved some goal, then reduced the number to 3 times a week. This Schedule worked perfect for me. But I want to remind you again, only you can know what your body needs, so it is better to shape your calendar according to what you need.

Also remember, this exercise is not for building muscle but slimming your legs.

Do not ever forget to be careful with your nutrition’s!

As much as the exercise is important, you need to be very careful with your nutrition’s. Probably, it is best to get advice from a Professional dietitian. You can find great advices online as well. There are many nutrition and exercise website that offers you and tell you exactly what nutrition’s you need for what you seek. As a summary, less carbs more protein as usual. Eating and exercising is a duo that always works together. You cannot both eat a lot of junk food and exercise in the same time. If you do, consequences will not be what you expect.


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