Create Your Own Box at Home – DIY

Are you fond of creating your own masterpiece and use them in the house?

You can easily achieve to create all purpose container for your bedroom, living room for all purposes. You can see 5 different purposed container bok ideas below. These creative ideas give a cozy atmosphere for your belongings that need to be stored around the house.

No one wants a mess around the house, but some items just cannot belong one place directly, therefore these creative ideas of all purpose container boxes are just right for you. This is the best way to organize your house and keep in in order. You can create a box of everything! For example; nails, clippers, hairclips, tools, bills, keys, etc. You will never lose these items again as used to and the best part is you will always find them when you need it.

There are a lot of type of them. Different colors, different shapes, different styles, so which one is for you?

Let’s check them!

1. Custom Design Boxes

You can create this simple looking box easily at home with your desired measurements.


2. Milk Carton Gift Boxes

There are numerous of holidays and special days for buying a gift. However, why not deliver them with your own design unique boxes instead of a plastic bag? You can easily follow steps and create your own custom gift box for your loved ones.

For more info, please see below “source” link


3. DIY Upcycled Milk Carton Storage Box

Who doesn’t drink milk? but, why wasting the carton box while you can create these astonishing little boxes for numerous of use.

For more info, please see below “source” link


4. Makeup Storage

We all know how messy it gets with the make up tools and accessories. Makeup Storage Box is exactly what you would have if you wanted to have an organized bathroom or bedroom. You can easily achieve to create this box by following steps shown in below link.

For more info, please see below “source” link


5. Box Created in One Piece


If you want to create your own box but you have limited resources, then this box is perfect for you. You can create a splendid box by following easy steps.

For more info, please see below “source” link


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