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Check Out These Outstanding DIY Skirt Ideas and How to do them!

Are you afraid of wearing the same skirt as someone else in the same place! Well, fear no more! With your imagination and these easy crafting tutorials, you can create your own skirts at home. If you are good with your hand just give it a try and see fabulous results.

You can create your own design and become your own designer. The best part is that your limit on the crafting skirt is your imagination and creativity.  It will be exactly for your body, so no more stress on if it fits or not. Additionally, you can craft these skirts way too cheaper than what is sold on the market. With these many advantages, what is stopping you, let’s go and check some different styles of skirts and how to craft them.

We tried to select different styles for you to give you an idea on what you may have to be interested. Also, chosen posts are not too complicated, so you can easily craft them at your house. Let your creativity take the wheel and let the crafting begin!!!

We have selected some of the features for you, we hope you like it! Let’s check what we got for you.

1. Skater Skirt

As you see, you can create this beautiful skater skirt just in a couple of hours by yourself at home. It is cheap, and it is easy! You can find more detail on the “source” link.


2. Full Tulle Skirt

Did you dream of being a princess when you were a kid? Well, then you are not too far away from the idea of tulle skirts. Check this easy and simple way of crafting tulle skirt. You can create it for yourself, or even for your daughters’ Halloween Princess costume. Use your imagination!


3. Tulle Skirt

Here is another example for a tulle skirt. You can use either of them and they both will look very cute! The idea is the same but there maybe some tricks on each of them. So, chose your style and let’s craft them.

4. Tulle Skirt in Detail

This is a similar yet another example for the tulle skirt. On each post, you can find different details, although the general idea stays the same.


We believe you have some idea about crafting tulle skirts by now, let’s check what other styles there are that can be crafted.

5. The Geometry of Skirts!

Who says Geometry can’t be fun! If you want to know what kind of skirt you like, you definitely should take a look at these sketches in the first places. The reason is, a simple trick shown above can help you identify and craft the best skirt style that you need. Who knew, geometry would be on your side!


6. Transform an Old T-shirt to a Skirt

Wow! Can you ever be more creative than making your old t-shirt to a skirt? This is a great use for your old t-shirt meanwhile it is a new skirt for your daily use. If you like this post, we suggest you visit the original source and check the full tutorial. You can find more and interesting things that you may like.


7. Top, Skirt & Dress

We believe you might like this post. Geneva V. has created the cutest and clearest instructions for her top, skirt, and dress article. We absolutely loved her creations and wanted to share with you. If you need more detail and explanation, we strongly recommend visiting her website on the link stated below.

What separates her from the others is that she clearly states every step and if you visit her site, you can see that there are more! Very nice work!

For detailed tutorial please click the source link below.


7. Circle Skirt

Simple yet cute design. If you don’t like colorful designs and clothes and prefer simple, yet classy skirts then you are definitely looking for this kind of circle skirts. You can find more design on the “source” link.


8. Fluffy Skirt

As we have promised different and outstanding ideas, here is a Fluffy Skirt!!! It may not be the easiest to craft but it sure is the most interesting and attractive skirt design. If you want to know how it is done, you should check the “source” link for the detailed tutorial.


9. Long Skirt

Doesn’t it remind you the spring? Well, it does for us. Long skirts are always in fashion and never gets olds. Plus, no one can deny that it always looks good and saves you from “what to wear?” questions. If you are interested, you can find more detail on the “source” link.


10. Maxi Skirt


Our final design is Maxi Skirt. It is comfortable and looks absolutely fashionable all the time. It can be weared to many places fancy or not. If you are into your comfy, lok no more. With an easy tutorial you can achieve this beautiful styled maxi skirts. You can find detailed tutorial on the “source” link.


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