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Check this 10 Imaginative Bookshelf Ideas

Even though it is the internet age, we can comfortably state that nothing will cover the place of books. If you like to read it by holding a book and actually feeling the papers, then these bookshelves may be a very good idea for you. The reason is they are really modern and looks beautiful. There are tons of bookshelves but we tried to pick the ones that may get your attention.

Let’s see what we picked for your interest!

1. Tree-Branch Book Shelf

The reason I picked this image for the first place is that I fell in love with it deeply the first time I saw this post. This is the greatest way to keep your books. If you have a suitable wall for this bookshelf, do not wait to get it! Ironically it creates a great atmosphere at your home or study room. You can even keep it in the living room because it is so decorative.

If you are interested in more designs like this, we suggest you visit below stated “source” link.


2. Attic Bookshelf

If you have an attic, this is a great way to value it, by turning your attic into a reading room. I can imagine reading a book in that attic with a hot coffee on the side and covered with blankets. If you want to know more about this great design please check below stated “source” link.


3. Piano Bookshelf

As we always say, “Your limit is your imagination!” Can you believe this bookshelf! It is great for any music lovers out there. The piano is giving an elegant atmosphere to the decoration of the bookshelf. If you want to learn more details about this post, please check below stated “source” link.


4.Spinning Bookshelf

The spinning bookshelf is an amazing idea that can be used as a decorative figure in the living room. It creates a chance for you to analyze all the books by rotating the bookshelf where you sit comfortably.


5. Rustic Door Bookshelf

This rustic looking vintage door book shelf is well thought and decorative for your home. It can be imagined by the summer houses. If you are interested in this design and want to learn more about it, please check below stated “source” link.


6. Organic Bookshelf

This great design is manufactured and ready to be sold at “”. This great design will gather a cozy and nice atmosphere to your house. Different sizes of holes are for fitting different sizes of books, which doesn’t let empty spaces and lets you organize the books by their size. If you are interested in such designs like this, we strongly recommend you to visit the source link stated-below.


7.Silhouette Bookshelf


Can you read the silhouette written on the book shelf! A product that sells itself. This great design is influencing to think out of the box. Literally, showing us to look at the big picture. You can get many messages, but somehow this bookshelf is a must to have! If you are interested in designs such as this one, please check below stated “source” link for more detailed information.


8. Map Bookshelf


9. Hidden Bookshelf


10. Branch Bookshelf



If you like this post, please check our other posts, our goal is to provide you the best ideas that we gathered for you.

Remember Your limit is your imagination…



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