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Change The Looks of Your Room With Old Fabrics and Filaments: Easy Methods to Make Rugs

If you are bored with your casual home design and accessories and want to make a change, you can start from the flat. Using colorful rugs in room design can refresh the look of the room.

And even you do not have to buy a new one. With fabric, filament and rug making methods, you can design and make new rugs.

These rugs are both affordable and easy to make DIY projects. There are four type of rugs which you can easily make.

1.Making the rug by old fabric

With the help of old fabrics which you do not use, you can make a new rug. The color and the shape of rug is up to your design. To make your new rugs, follow these instructions:

  • Cut the fabric into long part by scissors. It is not necessary that two parts must be exactly equal, but try to cut them in a similar way.
  • Choose two long fabrics as base and start to wind round them each other. From beginning to end of it, continue to wind round.
  • Stich the beginning and end of the fabric by filament. Fix the rug.
  • Add other colorful fabric to the fixed rug.
  • Fix the other parts as like the base parts are fixed.
  • Then, cut the unwanted parts.

2.Making the rug by winding round filament

Another method that can be used in making rug is winding round filaments. You can make rectangular, triangular, circular and square rugs with the help of this easy method. In order to make the rug, follow these instructions:

  • Prepare long parts of fabric as much as you want to make.
  • Wind round fabrics separately. You must obtain at least 10-15 fabric parts.
  • Then, stich each part firmly and obtain the base part.
  • Start to wind filaments around fabrics.
  • Continue to filaments process until the look you want.
  • Lastly, cut the unwanted parts.

3.Making rugs by knitting

Even it can be seemed as hard, knitting rugs are really beautiful and easy to use. You can look for knitting patterns and can follow the patterns. And even you do not have to make all of the rug by knitting method. You can make the small and base part by the method which are listed above and can add extra different knitting parts after the base part. In order to knitting, you must prefer strong filament types.

4.Making rugs by old carpenters

If you have old carpenters that you do not like the look of them anymore, then you can create a new one.  So, how to make a new rug with old carpenters:

  • Prepare your old and non-use carpenters and rugs.
  • Even they are different in terms of size and texture, cut them with a sharp scissor into small parts.
  • The parts do not have to be in same size and must be cut symmetrically.
  • Then place the all parts symmetrically and start to compound them.
  • In order to compound, use a sewing machine or big needle.
  • Lastly, cut the unwanted parts and the rug is ready to use.

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